How the Location Department Brings Movie Sets to Life?

Have you ever wondered how those breathtaking movie sets come to life? Well, behind every stunning backdrop and picturesque scene is a team of unsung heroes known as the location department. From scouting out the perfect locations to coordinating logistics and permits, these dedicated professionals work tirelessly to bring a filmmaker’s vision to reality. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of location managers, assistants, and scouts who play an instrumental role in transforming ordinary places into extraordinary settings for our favorite movies.

Location Manager

The location manager is responsible for finding and securing locations to be used for the production and coordinating the logistics, permits and costs involved. They are also the face of the production to the community .

Location Assistant

Assists the location manager and is on-set before, during, and after the filming process. General responsibilities include arriving first at the location to allow the set dressers onto the set; maintaining the cleanliness of the location areas during filming and fielding complaints from neighbors.

Location Scout

Responsible for the initial scouting of locations for the production, taking into account production logistics, eg location fees and budgetary restrictions, local permitting costs and regulations, camera and lighting requirements, convenience to other locations, production services, crew and unit parking.


The world of filmmaking is a fascinating one, and behind every successful film is a dedicated team filled with talented individuals. One such group is the location department, who are responsible for bringing to life the stunning backdrops seen on screen. From finding and securing locations to coordinating logistics and permits, these unsung heroes work tirelessly to make a filmmaker’s vision a reality.


Whether it’s transforming an ordinary house into a haunted mansion or turning an empty parking lot into a bustling city street, the location manager, assistant, and scout play critical roles in creating movie magic. So next time you’re watching your favorite film, take a moment to appreciate the hard work of these behind-the-scenes professionals who helped make it all possible.


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